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HVMS Veterinary Practice Management Software for Equine Practices

Improve Workflow, Increase Efficiencies and Drive Profitability

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Our Mission

With HVMS Veterinary Software, our mission is to empower equine veterinary practices with management software designed to tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges.

HVMS is not just a tool, it is a software platform designed by equine vets to drive efficiency, management capabilities, and sustainable long-term growth for equine practices so our partners can focus on what they do best; providing exceptional care for horses.

hvms veterinary software

hvms veterinary software

Hear what our Customers say about using HVMS Veterinary Software in their Equine Veterinary Practices:

What are the benefits of your software?

We help you cover the entire life cycle of the practice, including but not limited to;

  • Capture billing at the same time medical records are created
  • Inventory control tied to billing so charges are not missed
  • Options to improve veterinary compensation models
  • Letter writer to improve client communications
  • Integrated credit card processing to improve cash flow
  • Facility maps for biohazard and workflow improvement
  • Digital whiteboard to improve hospitalized case flow
  • Management reports with 200+ options
  • Advanced practice analysis tools in real-time
  • Ambulatory access to records with little or no internet
  • Highly configurable with many more benefits to the practice!

We understand that every practice is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. HVMS Veterinary Software can be configured to match or enhance many practice workflows.

hvms veterinary software

hvms veterinary software

HVMS Veterinary Software Return on Investment

Business expenditures need to show a return on investment and that return should be calculable. HVMS Veterinary Software was built inside a large equine practice to capture more revenue and improve profitability. Missed billings, lost inventory, unaccounted-for inventory, inefficient workflows, and lack of financial and managerial reporting are just a few of the areas HVMS Veterinary Software can assist a practice. View our ROI simulator for a few simple ways to calculate how HVMS can show a return on invested capital for your practice.

HVMS Veterinary Software was created to service veterinarians, and as such we want to make sure you’re getting the most value for your investment in us. We understand that every practice is unique, meaning that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For this reason, we’ve created a custom calculator to help you figure out exactly how much you should be allocated for the most optimal experience, custom-tailored to your needs.

Try our Pricing Calculator!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is HVMS Veterinary Software for?

HVMS Veterinary Software was designed and built for equine specific practices with three or more equine veterinarians.  It is a comprehensive practice management software that includes medical records, inventory management, veterinary compensation models, whiteboard and treatment plans, ambulatory functionality and extensive reporting.  HVMS Veterinary Software runs some of the largest and most complex equine practices around the world and has many configurability options based on specific practice requirements.

How much does HVMS Veterinary Software cost?

HVMS cost is based on the number of revenue generating veterinarians in the practice.  There is a set site license of $385/month and then an additional $185 per revenue generating vet per month is added.  This monthly fee includes everything that is needed to run the practice.  There are other add-on fees for items such as payment portal, Vetcove, equine wellness program, HISA, SMS and advanced business analytics reporting.  There is also a one time implementation fee of $6,500 (may be together for larger practices/hospitals).  Fees outside North America may differ slightly and are charges in United States dollars.

Is HVMS cloud based software?

HVMS can be run as either a cloud based system or on premise, depending on the requirements of the practice.

What features does HVMS have?

Scheduling, medical records, billing/invoicing, controlled drug logs, inventory management, hospitalization whiteboards, hospitalization treatment sheets, patient worksheets, letter writing, performance/repro/racetrack module, lab integrations, Coggins integration, integrated credit card processing, Vetcove inventory integration , SMS, accounts receivable management, veterinary compensation models, basic practice metrics and significant reporting and accounting tools and tablet version when no internet connection is available, an online payment portal and mobile app.

Can I use HVMS without an internet connection?

Yes, off-line mode is available through our tablet module and comes at no extra cost.

What support is offered with HVMS?

HVMS support offers an online solution article support system with video tutorials  included (24 x 7).  HVMS uses an online ticketing system for all inbound support requests (24 x 7).  Chat service is available during office hours for instant contact with our support team.  HVMS certification is required before a go-live that provides training for specific positions and roles.

Can my current data be converted to HVMS?

Most likely, yes.  Not every software program offers a way to export data but once you provide us with a back up copy of data, we will make best efforts to convert data into HVMS.

How long does an HVMS implementation take?

An ideal implementation takes 6-8 weeks.  Sometimes this takes longer based on the practice completing the required tasks on time.  HVMS uses a proven implementation plan and schedule and it is up to the practice to do their work to keep on track.