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Business Infusions delivers best-in-class equine health software technology solutions to equine veterinarians, trainers and racing authorities globally.

Business Infusions has been serving the equine veterinary market since 2006. The veterinary group behind the software, initially led by Dr. Greg Andrews, an equine vet of 35+ years, designed and built the software to solve three primary issues they experienced in their 26 vet, multi-disciplinary equine facility:

  • In adequate inventory/medicines control and invoicing/billing
  • Missed billings for professional services
  • Improper compensation models for equine veterinarians

After initially developing the software inside Moore Equine Veterinary Services for three years, the software, called HVMS, went live in the facility and Net Income increased significantly due to the ability to capture records/invoicing efficiently and increasing control over inventory/medicines. The tenants of this success were:


The further the vet steps away from the patient in time and space, the less accurate medical records and billing become. Therefore, the ability to automatically capture all charges (professional serviced and inventory) while entering medical records shifts the focus to proper medical records, not billing. As well, veterinarian compensation should be based on professional services delivered.


While solving the real time problems many equine veterinarians faced, HVMS quickly became the leading equine practice management software in North America, followed by the United Kingdom, Middle East, and Australia. HVMS software is largely focused on the mid to large size equine practice (5+ equine veterinarians) so we built another equine software program that solves similar problems for the smaller practice and solo equine vet, Cassadol. This software has quickly become a leading offering for smaller equine practices since it’s launch in 2020.


Business Infusions was acquired in 2021 with the intention of expanding the offering through additional product development, providing additional value add services to customers and to acquire other best-in-class software platforms, all of which become additive to the Business Infusions offering, all in the equine segment. 


The first acquisition by Business Infusions was Equine MediRecord, based in Ireland, which is a software compliance provider to animal welfare and anti-doping regulations with a focus on trainer led record entry. Equine Medi Record has deployed it software to organizations like Pegasus World Cup, Breeders’ Cup World Championships, and the Saudi Cup.

The vision of Business Infusions is to be the go-to software partner
for equine veterinarians, equine trainers and regulators around the world.

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