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Benefits of Third Party Integration

Unlocking Synergy: Integrating Third Party Modalities into Equine Veterinary Software

Workflow enhancement, revenue capture and better medical records are all common denominators in third party modality integration. The goal of bi-directional integrations is to enable technology to perform tasks that staff, especially veterinarians, should no longer be doing.

Advantages of Integration – Workflow Enhancement

Seamless Data Flow: Integration of third-party modalities establishes a unified data exchange framework that enable real-time communication for diagnostic results, leading to more efficient workflows and time savings.

No Human Errors: Staff will often time make key stroke errors that cause data to flow incorrectly or not at all. One wrong key stroke in an ascension number throws the entire study off from a retrieval and tracking perspective, costing time and resources.

No Waiting: Immediacy of results comes from machines communicating with machines and taking the human time factor out of the equation. Staff are busy in practice and priorities can be misaligned.

Capturing Billing at Time of Request: The time for billing to take place is at the time or order or request, not afterwards. Up to 20% of requests are missed if staff must remember to bill after ordering.

Enhanced Patient Care: Patient care is the top priority and missed or lost information inhibits this from happening. Ask any veterinarian looking for records how much of an impact this can have on patient care and outcomes.

Time and Cost Efficiency: The further the veterinarian or staff step away from the patient, the more billing is lost, and accurate records are at risk. Automation eliminates this risk every time.

Wrapping up

There are different types of integrations within equine practice and not all modalities have the capability for bi-directional communication. Some older lab machines specifically are serial connections and have no capability to be connected digitally, other labs like IVLS, Antech and Abaxis, are fully bi-directional compliant which makes them more valuable to the practice.

Here are some third party integrations that work with HVMS, including HISA, VetCove, TekCollect, ParaSight, Global Payments, Idexx Reference Labs, Antech Diagnostic Lab, Idexx VetLab Station, Abaxis, Heska

Should you wish to explore implementation of third-party integrations with our team, please reach out for a no obligation call or demo of our software.

We remain committed to assisting you in achieving your practice goals, whether you choose our software or not. Ensure you are educated about how software enhances your practice, makes you money and saves you time. The cost of software should easily be recovered by it’s ability to make your practice more profitable, enable better medical records and provide third party integrations for your benefit.