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HVMS Remote Access Tips

Access to Main HVMS Remotely or from Home

If you are in a situation where your HVMS Server is located at your veterinary practice but you or some of your staff need access to Main HVMS remotely from home or another location, here is some helpful information for you:

HVMS Tablet is a great option that allows you to work remotely while not being connected to your practice’s network.

However, you are limited to specific HVMS features. If you require access to any of the below HVMS features, it is recommended to setup remote access for Main HVMS:

  • Inventory Module
  • Reports Module
  • Accounting, Ledger and Month End/Statement Run Features
  • Lab Module
  • Administration Module

If your network and servers are configured for access, main HVMS can be used remotely either from home or another location outside of your practice’s network. Nothing needs to change with your HVMS software itself.

Remote Access Options for HVMS

In order for you to access Main HVMS remotely, you or your IT (whoever administers your practice’s network) will need to set up remote access for you. Typically this is done through RDS (Remote Desktop Services) or VPN (Virtual Private Network) or another ‘temporary option’ option such as screen sharing software if your work computer is going to remain at work and no other users are going to also use it.

For recommendations on which remote access option to use based on your current server and network configuration, please consult your IT. For best performance and security, we recommend a VPN configuration coupled with an RDS server setup.

HVMS Support cannot setup remote access for you. If you utilize our Hosted Server Services then access to main HVMS is already available from anywhere.

VPN Consideration: If your IT is going to setup a VPN connection for you, Main HVMS will need to be installed on the computer you will be using remotely. If HVMS is not installed, please contact HVMS support once your VPN connection has been setup from the computer you will be using remotely and we will install Main HVMS. The VPN must be running to use HVMS in this configuration.

HVMS Performance While Working Remotely

Something to note is that HVMS performance (the speed of HVMS) will be dependent on both the strength of the network at your practice and at your remote/home location. Due to this, you may experience slower HVMS performance while working remotely in general, during high traffic times on either network (increased number of users or streaming services), or when either network is experiencing connection issues (poor Wi-Fi signals or weather-related outages are some examples). If possible, we recommend you plug your remote computer into your network versus using Wi-Fi. If your HVMS performance is consistently very poor at your remote location, please contact your IT to assess the situation as they can potentially make some recommendations for improving performance from either the practices network or your remote network.