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Why PCI compliance?

Today, PCI compliance is required – it is not optional. Every business that accepts, collects, stores, or transmits sensitive credit card and/or debit card information, regardless of size, is required to meet Data Security Standards defined by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

OpenEdge (Global Payments Integrated) is the only credit card processing option available for HVMS that is PCI Compliant. Not only is OpenEdge PCI Compliant, they offer a superior level of security and peace of mind for your business through their PCIAssure Program.

The complexities surrounding PCI compliance can be confusing for many merchants. Non-Compliance fees can range from $5,000 to $250,000 depending on the size of the breach and the nature of the offense. In response, Global Payments Integrated developed a comprehensive system of support to assist partners as well as their merchant customers with resources to help them understand and meet their PCI requirements with a minimum of hassle and confusion.

For more information about PCI Compliancy, Open Edge and Global Payments Integrated, and integration with HVMS please review the solution articles available in the HVMS Support helpdesk: