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HISA HVMS Integration

Eliminate Dual Entry of Medical Records to HISA

Benefits of the HVMS/HISA integration include:

  • When billing for HISA linked patients, HVMS will prompt for the required HISA information.
  • The medical records captured while billing in HVMS can be submitted to HISA through your HVMS software.
  • All HISA items billed can then be reviewed and submitted to HISA directly from HVMS.
  • HVMS also displays the history of all HISA items submitted and reports their sent status so you can verify each item was received by HISA.
  • You will save time every day while using this integration as it omits the need for two points of entry.

“The integration saves a significant amount of time in the HISA reporting requirements over doing reporting separately in the HISA system. The biggest gain has been in increased efficiency over working in two different systems. I am extremely likely to recommend this integration to other practice because the system is comprehensive and quite easy to use”

Scott Hay, DVM

President, Managing Shareholder

TFB Equine

About HISA

HISA was created to implement, for the first time, a national, uniform set of integrity and safety rules that are applied consistently to every Thoroughbred racing participant and racetrack facility.

HVMS HISA Integration Overview

Step 1. Setup of HISA Users, Patients, and Inventory Codes.

Step 2. Create invoices with HISA-linked codes in Main HVMS or Offline in Tablet.

Step 3. Review and submit invoice items to HISA directly from HVMS Main.