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HVMS Mobile App

Propel Your Productivity

with the HVMS Mobile App

The HVMS Mobile App is available in the iOS and Android app store for free. Search “HVMS Mobile” and install.

HVMS Mobile App Overview

View your HVMS Schedule live from your iOS or Android mobile device anytime, anywhere

  • View your schedule live from your mobile device without having to replicate or sync data
  • You can view your HVMS Schedule in a month view, day view or appointment view
  • See appointments, events and user statuses assigned
  • Switch between different user schedules within the app
  • Direct client communication options include Call and Text messaging
  • Address and GPS location links to your device’s map for directions
  • GPS location can be set to customers, trainers and boarding locations for one-click directions from your current location
  • Patient and Customer Alerts visible
  • Email Self or Practice optional features available

For details and to request activation, click here:

HVMS Mobile App Setup Instructions

For More Information and to Get Started

Check out our HVMS Mobile App Setup Instructions

Contact your HVMS Support Team