Equine specific program for routine wellness, acute medical and mortality benefits for your horse.

AcutePlus is The Horse Health Plan. Customary Care Acute Medical Benefits Mortality Ben
Acute+ is an innovative, members-only program for equine enthusiasts to provide exceptional care for their horse, all while saving time and money.

Acute+ = Peace of mind

The WHY for your practice?

  • Accelerated cash flow:
    • AcutePlus pays the practice same/next day via ACH for in-network wellness and routine care
  • Increased wellness spending:
    • Members are encouraged to consume the allocated wellness/routine care benefits, which should lead to greater wellness compliance and higher customer spending.
  • Additional patient encounters:
    • Increased routine care creates additional opportunities for veterinarians to provide other services and products.
  • Drives new clients:
    • New members not yet associated with a practice will be associated to the closest enrolled practice, adding new patients.
  • Veterinary consultation fees:
    • Vets receive a recurring monthly fee per enrolled patient ranging from $5-20/month or $60-240/year based on plan level.
    • This fee can be split between the practice and vet, or vet and tech based on the practice manager’s preference.
  • Practice profit distributions:
    • Practice receives annual profit share distribution based on incident loss ratios.

The WHY for the horse owner/trainer?

  • Affordable monthly payments:
  • Easy decision making:
    • AcutePlus allows horse owners to make decisions in the best interest of their horse
  • Fixed Monthly Fees:
    • The thoughtful monthly plans from AcutePlus enable owners to budget and still receive top notch veterinary care without cutting corners.
  • Peace of Mind:
    • AcutePlus plans travel with the horse wherever they go

Choose Your Vet

You can choose any licensed vet you’d like. If you choose a partner vet you’ll get loyalty points that you can redeem towards routine care, supplies and more.

Benefits Your Way

With each visit your benefits will be credited for wellcare that is included in your plan. It is a simple and easy reimbursement process for acute medical instances.

Member Only Perks

Get access to member-only benefits such as loyalty points, invitations to exclusive events and concierge support by phone, chat or email.

For answers to all your questions, visit www.acuteplus.com

If you have any questions, click here to submit a ticket and we can answer any questions or assist with activation within HVMS.

Acute+ allows horse owners to make decisions in the best interest of their horse without financial burdens. The thoughtful monthly plans from Acute+ enable horse owners to budget AND still receive top veterinary care without cutting corners.

Acute+ provides horse owners with peace of mind through top healthcare with their trusted vet. The Acute+ plans travel with the horse wherever they may go; benefits are available when you need them.

For HVMS customers, ALL horse and owner information is connected directly with Acute+. Set up is simple:
  • The practice signs up for an Acute+ account (info@acuteplus.com to sign up)
    • Acute+ will work with you on the account set up
    • Once you have your account set up, request Acute+ to be connected with HVMS by submitting a ticket request
  • Once signed up and connected, the Acute+ will display on your HVMS Workbench

Three easy steps within HVMS (login to your support portal for detailed step-by-step instructions).

  • Set up User Permissions in HVMS
  • Link your accounts
  • Link your HVMS Patient Records to their Acute+ Horse account

How the HVMS/AcutePlus integration works

Once you have registered for an AcutePlus account, and the HVMS/AcutePlus integration has been activated, you will be able to link your HVMS patient records to their AcutePlus horse account. From HVMS you will be able to see each linked patient’s AcutePlus benefits, and all invoices you create for these patients will be queued up to send to AcutePlus. Once you send invoices to AcutePlus through HVMS, AcutePlus will make a determination on the reimbursable benefits and pay your practice for them. Any payments made are then sent to HVMS automatically as ‘AcutePlus Payments’ and applied to the customer’s account to cover the amount reimbursed on the HVMS invoice by AcutePlus.

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