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No More Microscopes.
No More Counting.

Introducing the Parasight System push-button fecal egg count system for veterinary clinics

Faster digital fecal results sent instantly to HVMS

Parasight System results are delivered as digital image of parasite eggs with quantitative EPG results for strongyles and ascarids directly to your HVMS Patient record

What is Parasight System?

Parasight System is a 2.5-minute push-button automated fecal egg count (FEC) method with significantly less variability and more accuracy than the traditional McMaster FEC. Parasight identifies and counts strongyle and ascarid eggs using fluorescence imaging technology and an automated software algorithm. The Parasight System outputs an image of the eggs and a count of strongyle and ascarid ova in eggs per gram “EPG). The easy-to-use Parasight App provides a simple user interface for emailing results. The Parasight System is the only validated fecal egg count system in the industry.

How does the Parasight System work with HVMS?

The HVMS/Parasight Lab integration system is a bi-directional system whereby invoicing linked inventory items on an HVMS invoice will generate a parasight order which can then be processed on the parasight machine.

When an invoice with a Parasight linked billing code is ‘applied’, the submission phase will begin and a PDF will appear with the Parasight requisition displayed within a 3rd party PDF viewer like Adobe. Once processed, Parasight will then automatically send those results back into the patient file in HVMS.

This can be done through Main HVMS or HVMS Tablet, from a regular HVMS invoice, or it can be an invoice attached to an HVMS worksheet or the HVMS patient treatment plan.


Set up is a breeze, and there’s no special training requirements

For more information about Parasight System

For more information on the Parasight System please visit or contact Nicole Clift @