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HVMS Introduces Parasight Integration for Faster Digital Fecal Results Sent Instantly to HVMS

For Immediate Release

Calgary, AB, Canada, March 15, 2020 – Parasight System is the push-button fecal egg count system for veterinary clinics. Patented technology delivers in-house digital results of parasite eggs with quantitative EPG results for strongyles and ascarids in 2.5 minutes. Say goodbye to counting and microscopes and hello to faster, more accurate digital fecal results sent instantly to HVMS!

How it Works:

The HVMS/Parasight Lab integration system is a bi-directional system whereby invoicing linked inventory items on an HVMS invoice will generate a parasight order which can then be processed on the parasight machine. Once processed, Parasight will then automatically send those results back into the patient file in HVMS. This can be done through Main HVMS or HVMS Tablet, from a regular HVMS invoice, or it can be an invoice attached to an HVMS worksheet or the HVMS patient treatment plan.

Get more details about the HVMS/Parasight integration including set up and usage instructions here: Parasight Lab Integration with HVMS

The Parasight Benefits:

  • Parasight System has been validated by several labs and major research universities and published in several peer-reviewed papers.
  • Parasight System is the only validated fecal egg count test on the market.
  • Parasight System is a 2.5-Minute Push Button System.
  • Provides instant imaged results you can email with your recommended treatment protocol.
  • More accurate than McMaster, Parasight System requires NO special training.
  • Build revenue streams that you can rely on.
  • Less expensive than sending out samples to reference labs.
  • Patented push-button technology gets you results in 2.5 minutes.



Contact: Scott Pickard
President & CEO
Business Infusions

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