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HVMS software was designed to be flexible, configurable and adaptable for every aspect of equine veterinary practice management.

HVMS is a practice management platform with the ability to run a single clinic to a multi-location, multi-state, multi-country equine hospital from one database.

HVMS: Invoicing

HVMS Invoicing will dramatically reduce lost practice billings as invoices are automatically being generated in the background during all exams, treatments and procedures, ensuring all services and medications are properly billed to customers at time of service. Industry stats estimate that up to 20% of vet services are not billed out.

  • HVMS users immediately see a reduction in lost billings
  • Batch invoicing feature dramatically reduces data entry time
  • Assign billings to the proper profit centers and departments
  • Track and view invoices by doctor, partner, status, date, practice or location
  • Completely integrated to HVMS reporting and streamlined with practice accounting

HVMS: Accounting

HVMS Accounting will increase your profits with profitability accounting by enabling equine veterinary practices to transition from “gross based” accounting to a more appropriate focus on the actual profitability of procedures and medications.

  • Intelligently handle discounting, inventory returns and credits and ownership corrections
  • Variety of options for calculating doctor compensation including production and/or profitability, against gross, collected and even penalized aging AR.
  • Generate detailed delinquency reports for the practice and for commissioning doctors
  • Provide detailed financial reports each month for partners and associates
  • Fully supports multiple practice entities, business centers, and regional locations to implement unique costing, pricing, commission styles and reporting in multiple business units
  • HVMS clients see 5% to 20% profitability increases, and 5% to 15% gross billings increases when implemented properly

HVMS: Scheduling

HVMS Scheduling allows you to manage your business with speed and efficiency by displaying appointments by doctor, staff member or location. Appointments can be made by patient, boarding location or trainer and include practice equipment.

  • Users can schedule items as appointments, meetings, events and set staff availability.
  • Book equipment along with appointments,prevent conflicts with shared clinic resources.
  • With customized end-user color coding capabilities, users always know at a glance what’s going on within the practice.

HVMS: Inventory

HVMS Inventory can optimize your business with a robust inventory system. Astute practice managers understand the importance of a solid inventory and costing system to manage their practice. The HVMS Inventory Control System has an exceptional level of reliability and auditing ability which includes inventory counting, cycle counting and other advanced inventory tracking features.

  • Support for container sizes, brands, bar-codes, suppliers and purchase orders
  • Variety of options for costing out your supplies and services including fixed, cost plus markup, cost plus amount, time based and more
  • Configurable for individual practices, and can be integrated with suppliers’ direct inventory ordering systems
  • Inventory Counter Program for electronic inventory counting and reconciliation

HVMS: Patient Worksheets

HVMS Patient Worksheets improve efficiency with seamless, customized digital exam forms, admittance forms, discharge sheets and more that are veterinarian specific. They automatically generating patient medical records, invoices, and inventory transactions, and can be easily printed or emailed directly to your client or referring veterinarian.

  • Quickly access detailed patient history and files during exams and procedures and computerize your paper filled environment with very little impact
  • Create any existing hospital form into an HVMS worksheet
  • An example of some popular customized worksheets include:
    • Lameness exams
    • Pre-Purchase exams
    • Admission and Discharge forms
    • Surgery reports
    • Anesthesia reports
    • Acupuncture reports
    • Cardiac exams
    • Dental exams
    • Dermatology exams
    • Mare and Foal exams
    • Radiograph Imaging
    • Wellness exams

HVMS: Hospitalization

HVMS Facility Manager integrates patient medical records, invoicing and inventory control into a visual Whiteboard by allowing your team to electronically create treatment schedules and complete those treatments in real time providing a complete solution to your outpatient and hospitalized cases.

  • Graphical facility layout with drag and drop support
  • Automated billing captures reoccurring daily charges like hospitalization and daily care charges
  • Integrated Treatment Plans; support for detailed Patient Results, Procedures, Standing Orders, and SOAP Notes
  • Color coded bio hazard recording and tracking for patients and stalls

HVMS Tablet: A Truly Mobile Solution

HVMS Tablet provides a truly mobile solution with an offline and user-friendly hospital and ambulatory tablet application which allows stall side patient/client record access in the field without wireless connectivity.

  • Access to full patient medical record history and customer balance owing
  • In-the field scheduling, invoicing, payment collections
  • In-hospital treatment scheduling and invoicing

Performance Module – Repro/Racetrack

The HVMS field billing module was designed with speed and ease of entry in mind. If a veterinarian can walk up and down shed row without a point and click system, it CAN work.

  • Point and click functionality for your most common treatments and professional services
  • Pre-set products and quantities (optional) for single click accurate dosages.
  • Totally configurable charge sheets for products/services. Have any number of specific sheets (i.e. Racetrack/Reproduction/General Field Billing), with their own customized interfaces, even allow doctors to have personalized quick sheets.
  • Create medical record, extract inventory, add charge to invoice in that one single click.

Email Communications

How much money can your practice save by emailing treatment reports and client statements at time of service? Email to clients is a simple concept and a money maker.

  • Email treatment reports and follow up care at time of service
  • Emails statements and invoices rather than mail – a huge cost savings
  • Enhance client communications and marketing capabilities

Enhance your practice’s HVMS workflow with integrations including in-house and reference labs, medical imaging, inventory suppliers, payment processors, AR management, printing services and digital medical records.

HVMS Partners & Collaborator's

Business Infusions offers multiple HVMS add-on services and features to compliment and enhance our products, and provide our customers with the very best on demand data resources and software training.

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