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Accounts Receivable You Can Depend On

Introducing the TekCollect and HVMS Partnership for Receivables Management

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20 years of providing customized solutions to veterinary professionals

  • Highest industry recovery rates
  • Real-time reporting
  • Available online 24/7
  • Seamless integration
  • Non-alienating client contacts
  • National credit bureau reporting
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Fees typically 5% or less

Designed to serve the needs of veterinary professionals

Non-alienating approach stimulates payment while preserving relationships and the integrity of your practice

TekCollect’s TekMD Collection Program

TekCollect’s TekMD Collection Program was strategically designed to serve the needs of veterinary professionals. They specialize in curing outstanding accounts, as well as limiting future delinquencies. Their non-alienating approach stimulates payment while preserving relationships and the integrity of your practice. TekCollect is also the Exclusive Member Edge provider of receivables management for the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Read what HVMS users are saying about the benefits of using TekCollect

Initially, our veterinarians were very hesitant to turn over accounts to an outside resource for fear of upsetting our clients. However, the reality is that we have become so busy and like most practices we are short-handed. Throw in COVID-19 and just getting through the day is very difficult!

The integration with our software has made managing the A/R so much easier! We choose who we want to place and TekCollect takes it from there. One of the benefits from our partnership with TekCollect is the experience that they bring to our practice. Meaning, that they were instrumental in helping setting our practice up with a comprehensive business policy that we have implemented with great success. The business policy helps set the tone of when and how we expect to get paid. We haven’t had any complaints from clients that we sent to TekCollect and in fact, they contact us and tell us that they want to make their payments! Imagine that! And this was during the pandemic!

Lexington Equine saw results right away and we would recommend any practice to utilize TekCollect’s expertise in managing the accounts receivable. We’re sure glad that we did.

Lexington Equine Medical, www.lexingtonequinemedical.comLexington, KY

We have been a client of TekCollect since 2017. Initially we used the secure website to place our accounts manually. After the integration with the HVMS software, we upgraded the service through their platform.

I must say that having just the one platform to use now has been a tremendous time saver for our practice. We wear a lot of hats in the veterinary industry so anything that reduces the amount of time I spend completing a task is huge. With the integration, all that I have to do is place the accounts through my HVMS and when the payments come into our office, HVMS does all of the updating for me! Super easy and efficient!

The results have been very good early on with the new program which is also important to us. When someone doesn’t pay their bill, it is comforting to know that having a resource such as TekCollect ‘s TekMD solution is huge!
We would recommend TekCollect’s TekMD solution to any practice looking to save costs and time!

Tennessee Equine Hospital, www.tnequinehospital.comThompson’s Station, TN

Zimmer Equine Sports Medicine has clients from all over the USA. So, when we first met, we were looking to partner with a resource that was easy to utilize, provided the desired results and was economical to use.

The rationale behind this was so that we could place account earlier in delinquency with you than we had in the past. Let’s face facts, utilizing a conventional resource in the equine industry can be very expensive. Especially when you have clients from all over the country! And then when you throw in the fact that most veterinarians are afraid to turn over accounts for fear of losing clients, it causes the accounts to age for too long

What we have experience in the first 30 days of our partnership has been truly amazing. TekCollect is getting our clients to pay on accounts where we were unsuccessful and the client just wouldn’t have paid us. In fact, since I do the bookkeeping for the practice it was easy to see that we had recovered enough money in the first 30 days of our partnership to more than pay for the services.

Lastly, TekCollect integrates with our HVMS software which makes the job of managing the receivables that much easier. Also, no one that was turned over voiced any negativity about the way that TekCollect handled their account.

Any practice could benefit from services that TekCollect provides. We are truly happy that we partnered with them!

Zimmer Equine Sports MedicinePhoenix, AZ

TekCollect integrates with our HVMS Software which has helped make the job of managing the A/R much easier than in the past.
We saw results right away after our first placements. In fact, with those first recoveries, they more than paid for the entire program! The rest will be free collections!

As with any busy practice we often run short-handed. And when we first met with you, we discussed the need for follow through after our own pursuit. Because it is difficult to find the proper time to place the calls when someone can be reached. What we’re realizing with this partnership is that TekCollect is now getting our clients to respond! Unlike before! We were also looking for a very cost-effective solution. Well, we must say that you delivered on both requests! The TekMD solution works just like you said it would for us.

Any practice that is looking to enhance what they’re doing should look to the TekMD solution. We’re sure glad that we partnered with them!

Littleton Equine, www.littletonequine.comLittleton, CO

When Woodside Equine Clinic had first met with TekCollect, we immediately saw the value of the TekMD solution. Soon thereafter, TekCollect became integrated with our HVMS software and that added even more value to our practice.

The integration is key because it makes managing the A/R a whole lot simpler! We can view our entire A/R from one screen and pick and choose who we want to place with you for collections. The best part is that when payments come into our practice, our HVMS software reports those payments back to TekCollect automatically! We just post the payments as we would normally do in-house.

Now let’s talk about results…we covered the cost of the entire service with the first two collections that were recovered. The savings will be huge for us versus using conventional resources. And I have to say that we have not received any negative comments about how our clients were treated by TekCollect. They just weren’t happy that they had to pay!

Thank you for all that you do for Woodside Equine Clinic and we look forward to a long relationship!

Woodside Equine Clinic, www.woodsideequineclinic.comAshland, VA

TekCollect came recommended to The Piedmont Equine Practice Inc. from other equine practices from around the country as well as being the Exclusive Provider for the AVMA’s Member Edge program.

We had local options to choose from when it came to collections but we were looking for more than just cookie cutter collection companies. We were looking for a business partner to be an extension of our practice in the area of managing our A/R.

Let’s face facts, it takes an enormous amount of time to devote to a practice’s A/R. At least to do it any justice. And that is time that isn’t always available to a very busy practice. Whereas with Tek Collect’s low fee and soft approach, we can refer the accounts earlier now in delinquency without fear of upsetting our clients. In fact, I believe that they do not even realize that we’re not making the calls to them! We haven’t experience any negative comments from client that were sent to TekCollect.

With TekMD, you’re integrated with our practice management software which is a tremendous help to the practice and it is very easy to use. We can view the A/R, pick and choose who we place and our system updates Tek Collect when payments come in to the practice.

So our decision to partner with Tek Collect has been a very good decision. I would encourage practices that are looking to streamline their A/R process to choose the Tek MD solution. We did and it is accomplishing what we set out to do with very good results.

The Piedmont Equine Practice Inc., www.piedmontequinepractice.comThe Plains, VA

TekCollect came recommended to Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic through our HVMS software vendor. TekCollect now integrates with HVMS to provide seamless extension of our practice.

And I must say that this partnership has been a real big blessing to me! It just seems as though that TekCollect is always on top on things for us, which is a big help to a very busy practice.

We saw results right away after placing our first accounts. What has been even more surprising is that our clients aren’t complaining about being turned over to TekCollect. In fact they either call or come in and tell us they need to pay! I was raised to be a responsible person and I expect our clients to be responsible when paying their bill. By working with TekCollect, we are now able to focus more on our earlier delinquencies which minimizes accounts getting too far out of control.

Any practice that is looking to manage their A/R more efficiently should look in to TekCollect’s TekMD solution. We’re sure glad that we partnered with them!

Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic, www.steinbeckequine.comWoodside, CA

Leatherstocking Veterinary Clinic has been a client of TekCollect for over three years. At our clinics, we try our best to collect the accounts ourselves before we place the accounts with TekCollect. So it is very beneficial to have a resource when our clients ignore our in-house attempts.

Initially, we were placing the accounts through TekCollect’s secure website and that process was easy enough. More recently, TekCollect integrated with our HMVS software and the integration makes it that much easier. We can develop a list of our A/R based on delinquency dates and/or dollar amounts or both. We then choose who we want to place and HVMS then forward the account information for us. As payments come into the practices, we just post the payments as we normally do and our HVMS software reports those payment back to TekCollect automatically. It doesn’t get any easier.

We love the simplicity and seamless process. We would like to add that the customer service is always prompt and responsive. We’re so glad that TekCollect came recommended to us by the New York State Veterinary Medical Society and integrates with HVMS.

Any practice looking to streamline their A/R process should look to TekCollect and their TekMD solution! We’re so glad that we did.

Leatherstocking Veterinary Clinic, www.leatherstockingvetgroup.comNew Berlin. NY

Rabanal Equine has only utilized TekCollect’s TekMD solution for a few short months. However, in that short period of time the results have just been wonderful!

The owner of our practice had never used an outside resource in the past because of fear of upsetting the clients. Well, I must say that that thinking has changed! We are so glad that we partnered with TekCollect. One, the integration with HVMS makes it so easy to use. Two, it just simply works!

When we initially met, we were not thrilled about having to pre-pay. However by prepaying, it has just taken one collection to pay for the entire service. The rest is free!

In our business, the dollars add up quickly. Often times we wait too long to act upon an account, but now all that I have to do, is tlet the client know that if payment isn’t received by a certain date, that we’ll be turning to over to TekCollect. And they pay us! What a problem!

Any practice could benefit from TekCollect’s expertise. We are sure happy that we utilize them!

Rabanal EquineWellington, FL

How Does it Work?

Tek Collect & HVMS Integration Overview

From within the collections module inside of HVMS you will be able to manage which customer accounts you send to TekCollect. Based on a set of parameters you’ll be able to see a listing of customers that match the criteria of sending to collections. From there you will be able to select which accounts get sent to TekCollect. Once an account is selected to be sent it will be included in a nightly upload to TekCollect. After an account is assigned to TekCollect, any future financial transactions that occur on the account will also be included in the nightly uploads to TekCollect. This will keep both systems in sync and allow TekCollect clear insight into what they are trying to collect.

Getting Started with TekCollect

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About TekCollect

TekCollect is an innovative accounts receivable management company serving over 30,000 businesses across the nation. TekCollect partners with companies of all sizes to optimize accounting practices, limit and control delinquencies, and improve positive cash flow for the long-term.