Accounts Receivable You Can Depend On

Introducing the TekCollect and HVMS Partnership for Receivables Management

20 years of providing customized solutions to veterinary professionals

Highest industry recovery rates
Real-time reporting
Available online 24/7
Seamless integration
Non-alienating client contacts
National credit bureau reporting
Guaranteed Results
Fees typically 5% or less

Designed to serve the needs of veterinary professionals

Non-alienating approach stimulates payment while preserving relationships and the integrity of your practice

TekCollect’s TekMD Collection Program

TekCollect’s TekMD Collection Program was strategically designed to serve the needs of veterinary professionals. They specialize in curing outstanding accounts, as well as limiting future delinquencies. Their non-alienating approach stimulates payment while preserving relationships and the integrity of your practice. TekCollect is also the Exclusive Member Edge provider of receivables management for the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Read what HVMS users are saying about the benefits of using TekCollect

“Lexington Equine saw results right away and we would recommend any practice
to utilize TekCollect’s expertise in managing the accounts receivable. We’re sure glad that we did.”
Lexington Equine Medical  read more…

“We have been a client of TekCollect since 2017…
I must say that having just the one platform to use now has been a tremendous time saver for our practice. ”
Tennessee Equine Hospital  read more…

“What we have experienced in the first 30 days of our partnership has been truly amazing.
TekCollect is getting our clients to pay on accounts where we were unsuccessful and the client just wouldn’t have paid us.”
Zimmer Equine  read more…

“We saw results right away after our first placements.
In fact, with those first recoveries, they more than paid for the entire program!”
Littleton Equine Medical Center  read more…

“We covered the cost of the entire service with the first two collections that were recovered.
The savings will be huge for us versus using conventional resources.”
Woodside Equine Clinic  read more…

“The owner of our practice had never used an outside resource in the past because of fear of upsetting
the clients.  Well, I must say that thinking has changed!”
Rabanal Equine read more…

“Working with TekCollect, we are now able to focus more on our earlier delinquencies
which minimizes accounts getting too far out of control.”
Steinbeck Equine read more…

“It doesn’t get any easier. We love the simplicity and seamless process.”
Leatherstocking Veterinary Group read more…

How Does it Work?

Tek Collect & HVMS Integration Overview

From within the collections module inside of HVMS you will be able to manage which customer accounts you send to TekCollect. Based on a set of parameters you’ll be able to see a listing of customers that match the criteria of sending to collections. From there you will be able to select which accounts get sent to TekCollect. Once an account is selected to be sent it will be included in a nightly upload to TekCollect. After an account is assigned to TekCollect, any future financial transactions that occur on the account will also be included in the nightly uploads to TekCollect. This will keep both systems in sync and allow TekCollect clear insight into what they are trying to collect.

HVMS and TekCollect In the News

The Right A/R Partner Can Mean Healthier Bottom Line for Your Practice


An urgent or unexpected procedure can pose a serious financial hardship for a pet owner. But even routine visits and treatment can sometimes result in difficulty paying.

The 10% Rule of A/R

All practices have accounts receivable that fall into the 30, 60, 90 and 120+ columns. It’s a fact of conducting business today.

Getting Started with TekCollect

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About TekCollect

TekCollect is an innovative accounts receivable management company serving over 30,000 businesses across the nation. TekCollect partners with companies of all sizes to optimize accounting practices, limit and control delinquencies, and improve positive cash flow for the long-term.

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