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Our vision for HVMS is to develop software that enhances workflow processes for equine veterinarians by providing best-in-class software that provides flexibility, enhanced data flow and superior customer support and service.

There is no such thing as perfect software. HVMS has been in continuous development for 20 years and there are no plans to stop. Over the years, the evolution of software development tools have changed and HVMS has adapted, changed and altered our course many times in order to deliver for our customers. Some HVMS features have not changed in twenty years because they still serve the fundamental needs of the equine practice. Other features have changed considerably and will continue to do so.

We are currently building the pure cloud-based version of HVMS in the background of our customer facing solutions today. The initial version has been in production for about 18 months, called Cassadol and has been built for the solo equine vet. Feedback from equine vets has exceeded expectations and Net Promoter scores have been consistently high. This is strong validation that our experienced development team has hit the mark with benefits to the practice. As time goes by, we will be releasing the next version of HVMS alongside the current on-premise and hosted options. There are no plans to move away from the current version of HVMS.

Our new HVMS functionality will include enhanced communication options, patient/client portals, enhanced data flow and sharing of records, more integrations with trusted partners/collaborator’s and many other benefits to the equine practice.