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Pricing Calculator

The simple ROI calculator below represents three common areas that practices can almost always improve. By entering your Monthly Revenue, Missed Billings, Inventory Leakage and Number of vets, the calculator will calculate the amount of revenue leakage, the price for HVMS and percent of gross practice revenue HVMS costs. Enter as many different variables as you want and connect with us to show you how HVMS can improve profitability for your practice.

Enter Your Monthly Gross Revenue:

This amount is currently lost to the practice and if it was captured with HVMS goes DIRECTLY to profit because the cost of providing services, purchasing inventory or utilizing lab equipment are sunk costs. This number represents 100% profit dollars leaking from the practice.

Use the calculator that follows to add in the number of vets in your practice to calculate the estimated cost of HVMS.

Estimated HVMS Monthly Fee: