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Dr. Brad Cumper

Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic
Saginaw, Michigan

In 2012 Dr. Cumper was investigating specific problems in his practice including inventory management, doctor commission production and commission. HVMS founder, Dr Greg Andrews introduced him to HVMS. Since then, HVMS has helped taken cost of good sold from about 25% to 18%. Their doctors are very happy with how doctor production and commissions are calculated. HVMS is efficient, real-time, and friendly.

Dr. Mark R. Baus

Grand Prix Equine
Bridgewater, Connecticut

Dr Baus has been using HVMS for over a decade. His highlighted HVMS features include the ability to manage inventory with precise control including controlled drugs, client interface tools such as worksheets, and ability to calculate veterinary salaries tracked on collected commissions and adjusted to meet their practice’s specific needs.

Dr. Kallie Ashcraft

Veterinarian Katie Hill & Nicole Hayes
Beadle Lake Veterinary Clinic
Battle Creek, Michigan

Dr. Ashcraft likes the ability to use HVMS on the road and is the easiest, most streamlined software she has used in practice. She is impressed how easily HVMS allows her the “full picture” when looking at patient medical records. Katie discusses the benefits of HVMS Tablet version invoicing, billing, and mobile records as well as toggling between small animal and large animal clinic records. Nicole discusses how HVMS worksheets increase customer communication and help keep her and her doctor organized day-to-day.

Dr. Michele Roseburg

McKinlay Peters Equine Hospital
Newman Lake, Washington

Dr. Roseburg has been using HVMS for over 1 year. She enjoys the ability to use HVMS on the road, and collecting payment at time of service with the Open Edge online payment integration, which increases chances of getting paid quicker and on time. Their practice uses HVMS Main, Tablet, and the mobile schedule app to see real-time schedule changes on the road.

Alex Eastman, DVM

Veterinarian Steinbeck Peninsula Equine
Salinas, California

Dr. Eastman has been using HVMS for over 10 years. This practice has 15 doctors, working at 2 locations and 8 ambulatory vehicles. Dr. Eastman enjoys the bi-directional lab integrations which helps to prevent lost billing, and robust reporting functionality. Their ambulatory vets use the HVMS Tablet program exclusively and benefit from the Mobile Scheduler app. HVMS offers a unique application that serves your practice’s needs.

Dr. Jeremy Whitman
Dr. Tim Strathman

Equine Medical Associates
Lexington Kentucky

Dr. Strathman likes the images and formatting of reporting such as lab reports in the patient record. Dr. Whitman enjoys the integration of the entire patient file in one area in HVMS allowing him the easiest patient information possible to get though his day as efficiently as possible.

Dr. Paul McClellan

San Dieguito Equine Group
San Diego California

Dr. McClellan has been in practice for over 30 years and using HVMS for 10 years. HVMS is practice, user and customer friendly. San Dieguito Equine Group is in racetrack and sport horse venues and enjoys how versatile HVMS accommodates for various practice types. HVMS allows for robust medical records and is impressed that HVMS was created by a veterinarian from a veterinarian’s point of view. HVMS has helped their practice live their passion, everyday.

Dr. Monty McInturff

Tennesse Equine Hospital

Dr. McInturff has been using HVMS for over a decade. When Dr McInturff switched from paper records to a software system, he needed software to handle inventory control and invoice capture. HVMS was a perfect solution. Tennessee Equine Hospital was a key of the Idexx Laboratory integration process as well as the Parasight fecal system. Dr. McInturff discusses the strong Whiteboard feature, treatment plan, and attached medical records for hospitalized patients.

Andrew Palhamus

Director of Finance
Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners

Tryon, North Carolina.Andrew discusses the enhanced financial reporting features such monthly close and lock down features. HVMS is an enterprise-like management structure, giving features of the whole breadth of your business. Other highlights are the ambulatory features including such as controlled drug reports and mobile capability in the field. Andrew also uses the HVMS Business Dashboard and enjoys the ability to use detailed reporting drilled down to locations and geographies.

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